Allergy Therapy & Remedy

Diet and Nutrition

A diet of high-fiber and whole foods maybe helpful in combating
seasonal allergies and reducing mucus production in sinuses.
Include fresh vegetables, non-citrus fruits, whole grains’
seed and nuts in your dailey food plan.
Avoid preservatives, food coloring, caffiene, alcohol and refined sugars,
especially if you are an allergy sufferer.
Dairy is mucus producing and not recommended.
General nutrient supplementation suggestions are:
Vitamins A, C, E, essential fatty acids and multivitamin/mineral tablets.

Hay fever is allergy-related so make sure to be evaluated
for your individual food allegies.


A variey of hydrotherapy methods can be useful in
helping to decongest the sinuses.
These include nasal irrigation, such as neti-pot use,
alternating hot and cold compresses,
hot foot-baths, and steam inhalation.


Don’t wait, relief is only a consultation away.
Please call or email me for an individualized evaluation
of your personal environmental and food allergies.


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