Iridology Analysis

IridologyFThe scientific field of Iridology dates back to the early Calderon’s
the last people to rule in Mesopotamia-Babylon.
History records the first documented reference to Iris analysis can be credited to the physician Phiilpus Meyers in his book ” Chiromatica Medica”.
Dr. Iganatz Von Peozely ( 1826-1911 ) a Budapest Hungary Physician
became the father of Iridology.
Modern times credits Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C. historically giving the first seminar in Iridology and nutrition in America.

Nature has provided us with the science of Iridology analysis showing the practitioner the reflex markings and signs in the Iris part of the eye which represent a detailed picture of the body’s constitutional areas of strength and weaknesses.
Identifying the imbalances in the body that produce symptoms offers an invaluable asset in the formation of remedial therapies.

Iridology is not a means of diagnosis but a means of analyzing the condition of the body tissues to assess the overall state of ones health.
The science of Iridology is not a New Age principle, but a time tested scientific study that has been used through-out history by many learned successful medical physicians and health care professionals.

Iridology analysis dates back to more than 2000 years.
Today Iridologists are certified alternative medicine practitioners.

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