My Holistic Approach

My Holistic approach is a ‘layered healing model’.
It has been strongly influenced by Chinese medicine,
Japanese healing techniques and Vibrational Medicine.
It is based on the concept of the’ multi-dimensional human anatomy’
and our ‘internal pharmacy’.
The focus at all times is restoring the dynamic equilibrium to the body and the mind, by allowing self-healing mechanisms to take effect.
Our internal physical and ‘subtle energy’ environments
have incredibly sophisticated self-regulating mechanisms.
I implement methods and therapies that utilize the powerful medicinal substances already inside the body as well as natural remedies that interact with our internal environment
in such a way that equilibrium can be restored.
The Holistic health view is that ‘dis-ease’ is not a morbid change in tissues caused by a specific pathogen but rather a dysfunction between the relationship of Self and Nature.
We can get stuck in a habitual pattern that is less than ideal, more often than not its roots in emotions such as stress, illusions, grief, fear, rage, anger, worry, and disappointment.
We try to restore our equilibrium by self medicating with over the counter and prescription drugs, alcohol, over exercising and eating and other destructive behaviors.
Those emotional/spiritual/mental imbalances, often based in our ‘subtle energy’ bodies, often precede the manifestation of physical symptoms and illness.
Emotions are completely integrated with health and disorder, and are both part of the pathology and essential components of the healing process.
Your first appointment is an initial evaluation utilizing your personal health history, computerized bioenergetic testing and iridology scanning.
This information helps me evaluate your general health condition and identify
how to proceed with the first layer on your healing journey.
Our current health conditions are the direct result of an accumulation of physical and emotional experiences throughout our life.
Toxic nutritional, environmental, and emotional impressions are imprinted
in and around us as layers from the past and current lifestyles.
There is no ‘one drug/one disease’ healing model in Holistic health.
Simple reductionism cannot explain the complex and dynamic interactions between
our emotional and physical human existence.
Impacting the imbalances of the layered ‘multi-dimensional human anatomy’ and
the free flow of our’ vital life energy’ do.
At your first appointment we will explore recommendations for
initial nutritional and lifestyle changes.
Of equal importance,
we will start to address any ‘subtle energy’ (emotional, mental,spiritual)
imbalances that may exist and be a potential roadblock
to the healing process and optimal health.
This is the first ‘layer’ of the journey.
I call it ‘holistic health housecleaning’, eliminating clutter so we can find
the way to the ‘core’ health issues.
Through subsequent visits we will peel away the layers,
open the windows and let the fresh air of the vital life force flow,
continuing to call upon ones powerful, innate healing capacities.
Subsequent visits will evaluate progress and identify the next steps on the healing path.
The human emotional, spiritual and physical health condition is a complex existence and once one imbalance is ‘swept away’ we will move deeper into the healing process.

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