Nutritional Consultation

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Overused and under emphasized the phrase “you are what you eat”
is as true today as ever.
Unfortunately it isn’t the name of the foods that we should be eating that have changed,
it’s the way they are grown, processed and delivered that have changed.
Understanding what foods still possess the essential components 
for truly nourishing the body, and therefore helping mind and spirit
stay in balance, can be challenging if not impossible today.
Between the truth in labeling and associated laws,
it is a wonder we feel safe eating anything bought in a “normal supermarket”.
The understanding that “we are what we eat” is the same as,
we are what the animal or vegetable is fed to grow on.

There are a variety of opinions regarding what constitutes healthy eating. 
Many people swear by a strict vegan diet (no meat, dairy or eggs),
while others promote a high protein diet with an abundance of animal meat. 
Some experts will say that dairy is an essential ingredient of a proper diet,
while many strongly argue against it. 
Some encourage you to eat very few carbohydrates,
others tell you that they should be an integral part of every meal. 
With all this seeming confusion, how does one know what to believe?

In an effort not to add to the confusion, let us start with the understanding
that different things work for different people.
There are many aspects of your individuality to consider. 
What is your physical condition? (youth, old age, illness, pregnancy and lactation)
What is your lifestyle type? (sedentary or active)
Do you have any food allergies or sensitivities?
What are your nutritional goals? (weight gain or loss) 
Even your ethnic back background comes to bear in your nutritional needs.

 These are all the reasons why Nutritional Consulting is key to your Holistic Health plan.

It is all part of Élan Vital Holistic Healing.

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  1. Bill Zink says:

    Karen, you might be familiar with my name from growing up in Simsbury. I noticed on your facebook account that you have experience in weight management. I am inteterested in gaining/maintaining weight that has been lost due to a chronic, genetic lung disease. Menu planning (several small meals a day) has always been a problem. I’d like to know if you have any insight/experience in this area and how we might be able to work together from afar. I am now in South Carolina, selling our home in Lyme, and don’t plan on returning to CT. Much more detail to follow if it is something that you think could work. Your schedule of fees, etc. would also be appreciated. I also passed your website on to friends of mine in New York who practice Structural Integration in the event that they have any clients, etc. in the Fairfield area. Your practice sounds interesting. Thanks for anything you might be able to offer. Regards, Bill Zink

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