Vitamin-Mineral Supplements

Grains and NutsThough many people are still under the misconception that
a “balanced” diet will meet all of one’s nutritional needs,
much recent research has concluded that diet alone may
not be sufficient to supply the nutrients needed for overall good health.

 What is overlooked is the fact that the majority of our food supply
is processed and grown in nutritionally depleted soil.

Most experts agree that nutritional supplements are integral
for a variety of health issues, age-related problems, and injuries.
In addition, the maintenance of optimal physical and psychological health,
the promotion of longevity, and chronic disease prevention can
be helped through vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Holistic nutrition recognizes these factors as well as the all important fact that the biochemical individuality of each person may also play a crucial role in health.

To accommodate each individual’s nutritional needs it is highly recommended that nutritional screening tests, such as the Asyra bioenergetic evaluation, be used to determine unique and specific deficiencies that might deviate from the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) of vitamin and mineral supplements.

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